Thursday, January 29, 2009

Green IT and Green Computing



What is driving Green IT or Green Computing?  Probably cost reduction (lower TCO) through virtualization and consolidation, resulting in Green IT.  There were several articles published a year ago as Green IT starting gaining more attention.  Here are a few:

Green IT- Corporate Strategies from

5 Steps to Green IT from

Top green-IT users and vendors from

Whether your company has a Green initiative or sees Green Computing as a positive bi-product of cost reduction effort, especially with server consolidation and virtuallization.  Windows EBS helps companies lower total cost of ownership and increase productivity, which may  companies believe are crucial for surviving or even thriving in today's economic conditions.

The three primary benefits of Green Computing or Green IT, regardless of company size or location are: lowering total cost of ownership, reducing energy consumption, maximizing resource efficiency.


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