Tuesday, January 13, 2009

EBS is gaining market traction

I am seeing EBS gaining traction in the market.  I expected sales to pick-up in January and February, following the holiday season and at the beginning of many fiscal years.  Whether credit is opening up in some markets or customers are leveraging SmartPay promotion from Microsoft or other credit offered by Microsoft Finance for software, hardware and services, I am optimistic that the first full week in January is an indicator for the next few months.  The market is confirming the value of EBS, where increased productivity and lower TCO are essential especially in today's global economy.    Here is an article from CIO Insight on IT Productivity.  Is this book worth the read?

Where is EBS on the technology adoption life cycle (TALC)? EBS is currently establishing the beach head and preparing for the tornado effect.  Where do you want to be on the EBS TALC?


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