Tuesday, February 3, 2009

HP + EBS video

EBS on HP blade servers. HP is doubling down on EBS.

Find out more: www.hp.com/go/winessentialfamily


Dirk said...

Will the "Green IT" message resonate as well going forward in a constrained economy? Or will Green issues take a back seat to IT Headcount costs and reducing complexity?

Chris Grillone said...


I suspect you are commenting on the post below and not the HP + EBS video. I suspect that Green IT will be a bi-product of lower costs. If costs are reduced through headcount, then productivity gains will be required to maintain or grow a business. EBS helps with both lowering total cost of ownership (acquisition + operations + repair + maintenance) and increasing productivity, so while the forcing function for EBS may be lowering costs and increasing productivity by reducing complexity, EBS also helps with Green IT. I like the IBM commercial that I posted a earlier where the business decision maker didn't care about Green IT until he realized it save him money. Thanks for the comment.