Monday, October 27, 2008

Virtualize EBS with the free Hyper-V stand alone version

Microsoft offers free Hyper-V stand-alone version

Virtualize EBS with the FREE Hyper-V stand-alone version.
Now that Microsoft Hyper-V Server has been released and is freely available on the web, let’s remove the DRM and recap exactly what Microsoft Hyper-V Server is. There is still some confusion out there so let’s recap.

Don’t be confused, Microsoft Hyper-V Server and Windows Server 2008 w/ Hyper-V are separate products. The final version of Hyper-V as part of Windows Server 2008 was released a few months back. However, Microsoft Hyper-V Server was just released to web yesterday.

The following is a consolidated overview of Microsoft Hyper-V Server that was originally included in a series of announcements.

Microsoft Hyper-V Server Overview
Microsoft Hyper-V Server is a bare metal virtualization platform that includes the same Hyper-V virtualization Technology that is included in Windows Server 2008. However, Microsoft Hyper-V Server is not branded Windows. It’s official name is Microsoft Hyper-V Server.
Though Microsoft Hyper-V Server is not a Windows product, it does share some things in common with Windows Server 2008 with the Hyper-V role enabled including a common kernel, Windows drivers, and the Windows update mechanism.

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