Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Live Webcast and Virtual Launch Event

Register here to view the live webcast and enter a virtual launch event for the launch of Windows Essential Business Server (EBS) at 8:00 AM PST (Los Angeles Time Zone) on November 12, 2008. Give yourself a few minutes to register.

The live webcast will feature a midsize EBS customer and the following Microsoft Executives:
  1. Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft Corp.

  2. Steve Guggenheimer, Corporate VP, Original Equipment Manufacturer Division

  3. Michael Risse, VP, Worldwide Small and Midmarket Business Group

  4. Steven VanRoekel, Sr. Director, Windows Server Solutions Group
The virtual launch event will also include:
  1. Mark Minasi, Best-selling author, MVP, and self-proclaimed alpha-geek will present "7 Tips that IT can use During the Economic Downturn.”

  2. Business and Technical Sessions

  3. Channel Partner Session

  4. Exihibt hall with the following companies: AMD, CA, Citrix Systems, Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, Lenovo, SUN Microsystems, Inc., Symantec, Trend Micro, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Microsoft Windows Essential Server Solutions, and Microsoft Dynamics

You can view the live webcast at http://www.thedreamserver.com/ without registering, but you will not be able to enter the virtual launch event.

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