Friday, December 26, 2008

IT investment in productivity lagging reductions in capital costs

In response to the economic indicators and/or loss of revenue, some companies first started cutting capital expenses, then operating expenses including employees.  While budgets are reviewed constantly, budgets are typically reallocated upon reducing operating expenses to maintain productivity and revenue with reduced resources.  Windows Essential Business Server (EBS) can assist businesses in both reducing capital costs by reducing server count, reducing operating expense (IT MRO), and increasing productivity of the IT staff and more importantly end-users.  Trends in IT sales will be interesting over the next couple of months to see if there is an upsurge in investment following the unfortunate recent lay-offs.  Hopefully, the market reads about our business value, including our customer evidence from around the world, and at least evaluates Windows EBS when reducing costs and increasing productivity.  Microsoft subsidiaries around the world are gathering additional local evidence.


I have internally posted a presentation with relevant evidence that discuss how EBS can help your business significantly lower costs and increase productivity.  This presentation speaks directly to the measurable business benefits of EBS, no fluff.  If you are a Partner, please contact your local Microsoft subsidiary for the presentation.  If not, please contact your local partner and request the presentation.


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