Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dynamics CRM Add-in for EBS

Akvelon CRM Add-in for Microsoft Essential Business Server (EBS)

Akvelon CRM Add-in for Microsoft Essential Business Server (EBS) provides a single place to manage Microsoft Dynamics CRM servers in your Enterprise.

The Add-in is tightly integrated into the Microsoft EBS user interface. With this Add-in administrators can save time by performing all Dynamics CRM management activities using the familiar EBS management console user interface.

Akvelon CRM Add-in for EBS console allows to:

  • Manage multiple CRM servers.
  • Manage CRM organizations and business units.
  • Manage teams, users, edit user information.

Evaluate free trial here.

Announced and demo'd at Convergence 2009.  Join the EBS Facebook Group.

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