Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First EBS Canadian Case Study - Toronto Grace Health Centre

This EBS case study, in conjunction with the recent EBS and Which Server to Choose article in the Midmarket Momentum Magazine, are meant to be sales resources to show our customers & partners a real-life Canadian example of the “before and after picture” of EBS.

Quotes from the case study:

The centre has since reduced help desk calls by 23 per cent, maintenance time by 30 per cent, and is now more focused on strategic initiatives.

“One of the biggest improvements is the overall insight we have into the system. Essential Business Server provides us with an up-do-date status of the entire network, which gives me the advance knowledge I need to determine what has to be done and how long it will take to fix,” says Tong

With it, organizations like TGHC can use the Microsoft® Hyper-V™ technology in Windows Server 2008… “Virtualization enables organizations to consolidate the workloads of multiple servers onto a smaller number of fully utilized servers, which can reduce hardware, energy, and management costs – a true benefit for organizations like TGHC that face tight budgets,” says LoPatriello.

This case study addresses these benefits: Cost Savings, Centralized Management, Secure Data, Remote Access, and Innovative Platform.

Toronto Grace Health Centre (TGHC) is a 119-bed facility operated by The Salvation Army and located in the downtown core. Over the course of its 150-year history, it has served as a rescue home and maternity facility. Today, TGHC specializes in patients with chronic diseases who require complex continuing care or long-term rehabilitation.

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