Tuesday, November 18, 2008

EBS + Dynamics at Convergence EMEA

John Elmer from Rodgers and Hammerstein (R&H) will be presenting with me at Convergence EMEA on Thursday at 3:30 in Auditorium 11. R&H installed the RTM version of EBS along with the Microsoft Dynamics AX Add-in for EBS. John will be discussing the instant business value of EBS and the value of the Dynamics Add-in. In his role as the VP of Finance and Information Systems, John is both the Business Decision Maker (BDM) and Technical Decision Maker (TDM), so he recognizes both the value of EBS to the IT Professional and the business value, e.g. TCO, productivity, etc., to the the BDM.

R&H still consolidated seven servers down to three servers with EBS without virtualization, although EBS supports virtualization scenarios. R&H also elimnated switches and a third-party firewall, resulting in significant cost savings. The annual cost savings from maintaining the switches and firewall were more than the cost of EBS with hardware.

Whether you are a partner, IT Professional, TDM or BDM, join us on Thursday to ask John about the benefits of EBS and the Dyanmics Add-in.

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